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Hi everyone! My name is Katie. Welcome to Spada Strong Nutrition LLC Coaching! Here to help you transition your nutrition in life after sports. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN/RD) and founder of Spada Strong Nutrition LLC. For 11 years, my life was solely focused on my career as a competitive synchronized swimmer. I ate, slept, and breathed synchronized swimming. After college, I retired from swimming and hung up the goggles. Not too soon after I retired, I was flooded with questions about my identity after sport. I no longer identify as a synchronized swimmer, so who was I? I no longer had structured workouts daily, so, what do I do? I no longer had fueling stations available, so, most importantly, WHAT DO I EAT? After college, I immediately started my internship to become a registered dietitian. And as a “soon to be RD”, I was struggling greatly with my nutrition and body image after retirement. It’s not easy to go from an elite level athlete into life after sport. So many changes occur, including how you need to fuel your body, as well as how you may feel about your body. I’m here to help! My goal is to guide you through the nutrition transition in life after sport. I’d love for you to join my team!